You raise really interesting points about mental health, Muhammad! It’s very true that humans need social support, and even that loneliness can exacerbate some mental health issues. If somebody genuinely has no one at all to speak with, that’s really sad. Similarly, if the social “supports” they have are abusive toward them, that can be very harmful to their mental health. In other words, sometimes being alone is better, if the people in your world are unkind to you.

As for suicidal thoughts, those are a very serious threat to a person’s safety. In those cases, the best course of action would be to find a professional counselor right away. Healthy relationships are great, but they aren’t a true “cure” for things like depression. (This is why it’s possible to experience mental health difficulties even within the context of a loving relationship.) Another good reason for people to address their mental health struggles through counseling, rather than seeking to “heal” themselves through romance and friendship, is because underlying mental health issues can put a lot of stress on the relationships we care about and cause them to fall apart. Having great relationships helps our mental health — but being mindful of our mental health also helps us to have great relationships! :)

So all in all, yes, I think humans need to have meaningful, healthy social bonds for optimal mental and physical wellbeing. But at the same time, given the benefits of counseling, I think that people do a great favor to themselves and their relationships when they seek counseling for the underlying difficult feelings that bother them. :)

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