Yes! This speaks to the ongoing spiritual crisis I had through much of this year:

Years ago, after deep contemplation, I came to the conclusion that people are fundamentally good and are trying to do whatever they think is best; therefore, when they do harmful things, they're simply acting from a misguided or short-sighted place regarding what the "best" is.

... Except that, seeing so many people this year who so flagrantly flouted basic fucking decency protocol — that is, seeing so many people prioritizing their own selfish, short-term comfort and gratification over broader public safety and future stewardship concerns.... really threw my whole worldview into question.

So 2020, for a while, left me with this pseudo-epiphany: "I guess I have to accept that some people just ARE out for themselves; no matter that it harms others. I guess I have to accept that NOT everyone is motivated to be a good person."

Only after many months did I realize: "Maybe this isn't a quality-of-character crisis after all; maybe this is an all-out mental health crisis. And an education crisis. People are doing stupid shit (often) because they're not truly informed; they're not even informed about HOW to inform themselves. And the ones who *are* informed but can't be bothered to mind each other's welfare, are behaving that way because they can't cope otherwise; they've thrown themselves into denial and continue to chase needless gratifications AS their coping mechanisms. What we're all living right now constitutes a collective trauma... and people don't always behave rationally or adaptively — nor do they always have the emotional reserve to care about others — in the midst or the immediate aftermath of trauma."

That said... I seriously don't see how we will get out of any of this without a massive, revolutionary mental health awareness campaign of some kind, and some sort of massive mental health outreach.

Love, sex, dreams, soul, adventure, healing, feeling. I kinda experience life as magical. Memoir is my jam.

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