Yes, getting hit in the face (non-consensually) is abusive no matter who does it or who it happens to… or how much it does or doesn’t hurt. I totally agree on that. I’ve heard male friends recount stories that left me with the impression that they were being (at least emotionally) abused by their partners, but it’s hard to convince a man that that’s happening to him. (Actually, speaking from experience, I guess it’s hard to convince a woman that it’s happening to her too. Some people have their own psychological defenses against believing stuff like that, I suppose. Kind of like how people sometimes deny that bad news can be real.)

Anyway, there’s an interesting, recent piece on Medium re: abusive women / abused men that I think you’d appreciate. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to check this out! :) I didn’t look into the robustness of the statistics cited, but here’s to hoping anyway that the high profile of the case raises awareness around the fact that abuse isn’t strictly a men-to-women problem.

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