This. There’s a screwed-up double-standard with respect to women’s body image: on the one side, that we should strive for various and sundry arbitrary “ideals” AND simultaneously, on the other, that our insecurities about not meeting those “ideals” are problematic for the larger body-love cause. In other words, if we fall victim to the unrealistic standards by letting those make us self-critical — the unrealistic standards being the real problem — then we are cast as part of the problem ourselves. Nonsense.

Both sides of the double-standard are bullshit. If you feel insecure, that is unfortunate, but you are still totally entitled to your own feelings about your experience. You don’t ever have to feel guilty for insecurity, disappointment, or any of their ilk.

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Love, sex, dreams, soul, adventure, healing, feeling. I kinda experience life as magical. Memoir is my jam.

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