So real. I got the cot on family vacations for YEARS until my brother and his wife started having kids and needed a separate room of their own; for all the years in between (i.e., half my teens and ALL of my 20s), I joked with my family that I was a second-class citizen.

The shit that single women get extends to “minor” interactions with strangers too, like how couples — who take up more space on a sidewalk — expect you to be the one to move out of their way (like, how is one woman going to make space for both of you? do you — tiny wall of people coming right at me — seriously get the right of way just because you’re a love/sex unit?), or occasionally being turned away at crowded restaurants because, hey, sorry, you’re unaccompanied, and people with partners deserve to eat here more than you do.

There’s also, of course, all the money lost on being unable to split expenses or get tax breaks that pertain to couples (especially hetero couples), combined with the wage gap that favors men. For example, renting an entire apartment often works out cheaper than renting a single room (in terms of space), but it’s harder for a single woman to afford the whole damn apartment.

I wish the world were friendlier to single ladies — in the RIGHT kinds of ways. Not the “Hey, baby” and “Your (imaginary) boyfriend is a lucky guy and he’s the only reason I’m respecting you right now” ways.

Thanks for the insightful and funny read. :)

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Love, sex, dreams, soul, adventure, healing, feeling. I kinda experience life as magical. Memoir is my jam.

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