Love this! I was always self-conscious about my dark circles (iron deficiency-induced, apparently) and redness across the nose and cheeks (just run-of-the-mill irritation)… but on a trip to Spain two summers ago, my tiny carry-on vial of foundation “exploded” in my bag, so I was left with nada. All I had was sunscreen and a rose-infused moisturizer.

… and what a blessing!

What I hadn’t realized was that, in the months preceding, I’d apparently made lifestyle changes that made my skin practically glow; I was shocked and thrilled to realize I didn’t need makeup. Nearly two years on, and not only have I not bought any foundation (or similar product) since, but I also never bothered to finish the old (and costly!) bottle of foundation. I started getting more compliments on my face, including a man at an appointment of my mother’s who mistakenly assumed I was a teenager (I was, at the time, 33.).

I still get hormonal pimples periodically, but pure rosewater has pretty much eliminated them and made my skin glow even more. I’ve been using a drugstore-brand organic (cheap!) rose-infused moisturizer once a day since then, but with simply rosewater, I don’t always need it. On top of this, having begun to supplement iron to correct my deficiency, my dry spots are disappearing, and I’ve even gotten compliments on the lack of shadows in my undereye area on some days. I like the idea of going even more natural.

That said, I’ve developed a love for color, learning to embrace my natural lip shape by accentuating it with deep shades, and I still like lining my eyes or darkening my lashes — some days. I’ve also developed a love of going out of the house completely bare-faced.

Beauty is really, in the end, about treating yourself well. Makeup is an art, and its application can be a sacred act of celebration for one’s vessel… but when we’re using it because we’re afraid that we’ll be rejected — or “unattractive” — for not doing so, it’s a sad thing.

Thanks for sharing the good word! Will be looking for jojoba oil as soon as I run out of my little tube of rose-infused lotion. ;)

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Love, sex, dreams, soul, adventure, healing, feeling. I kinda experience life as magical. Memoir is my jam.

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