I love that you pointed this out, Norell. I remember having this sort of epiphany once also about energy work involving oils, herbs, and crystals. Sometimes circumstance (e.g., poverty) prevents us from physically acquiring a particular holistic healing tool — but to the extent that our work with such tools is energetic, then what says we have to work with a physical manifestation of the tool, rather than the spirit of the plant, the stone, etc.? Just as we can make contact spiritually with our loved ones from a distance (and without human communication), who is to say we cannot commune from a distance with plant spirits, places, etc.? On the other hand, sometimes a healing tool comes to our minds because it has reached out toward our frequency. This has happened to me also: that I thought, “I wish I had [name of healing item here]” — and then I received it as a gift from someone later that very same evening. Someone who had no idea that this had crossed my mind. To some (likely great) extent, our desires to work with healing and teacher spirits are a reflection of their own desire to work with us. :)

I also remember reading a book (perhaps it was John Perkins’s The World Is As You Dream It?) wherein the author referred to shamans who do not carry their tools with them, but rather find the necessary tools wherever they go — because the healing potential lies not so much in the physical object as in the intention.

Just musing out loud here. Thank you for the thoughtful post. Lots of beautiful, uplifting, empowering insights here. I like your grounded approach!

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Love, sex, dreams, soul, adventure, healing, feeling. I kinda experience life as magical. Memoir is my jam.

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