Excellent points, Shannon. While I read, I couldn't help but find myself remembering how Medium says it wants to move towards "a more relational" model, wherein creators are presumably expected to spend more time interacting with each other in order to be treated more favorably by the algorithm. Not the same scenario as the abuses that you're talking about here — obviously — but there's a part of me that sees a similar subconscious principle at work. Making oneself accessible to fans is great, if that's what you want to do, but it shouldn't be extorted out of artists of ANY kind. You're absolutely right that there's a very widespread, toxic expectation that creatives "owe" things to society that, in previous decades, they'd never have been expected to give.

Permission to be filmed at any time just because you get filmed for pay at your actual job? An "open door" to potential verbal abuse at any hour of the day or night (e.g., comment sections on social media accounts) just because you have a famous face? Hours devoted to chatting with strangers, just because those strangers read an article they liked?

It's confusing that people ever came to expect so much from creatives... but then again, maybe the world's poor acknowledgment of creatives' boundaries and reluctance to value their time is just an extension of the popular (mis)conception that art isn't a "worthy" pursuit in the first place — and that, therefore, artists always have to give more, and more, and more, if they have the audacity to want to keep getting paid.

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