One of the most empowering messages of my life was actually an attempt to seduce me.

At the height of my quarterlife crisis, I was living in Shanghai, at a mouse-and-roach infested hostel, next to one of the most fetid wet markets I’ve ever smelled in my life. We’re talking offal and fish guts perennially rotting in the street outside my door. I was broke. Technically…

Here’s a secret: the poorest people are grateful for EVERYTHING.

One of the most memorable gifts of my life was a single strawberry.

Eight years ago, I lived in China. I was renting a bunk in a 6-bed dorm, making micro-“meals” out of carefully-rationed candy, and doing things like charging a single biscotti periodically on a credit card at a…

One of the most breathtaking poets I’ve ever known was Chinese — with broken English

I always wished I had a multi-lingual inheritance, but we can’t all be so lucky.

I grew up in small-town U.S.A. On my mom’s side, only a handful of isolated phrases from impoverished, 19th-century rural Italian dialects survive. On my dad’s side, the most recently-shed mother tongue, Lithuanian, fell out…

You need to have compatible travel goals — but what does that actually mean?

Having good travel chemistry with someone can elevate a trip like nothing else. The flipside? If you aren’t navigating from compatible objectives, it can break your experience. I learned this the hard way: years ago, on a trip to Thailand, my travel buddy abruptly decided to fly home early —…

About farts, a plague, Jesus Christ, and the stupendous divine timing of a random Jehovah’s Witness

I hadn’t smelled a fart in over a month. Let’s just start this story there. There were other things I also couldn’t smell at all, like baked potatoes or yeast. And any aroma I could smell — some herbs, fruits, flowers — was whisper-subtle in its impact. This was brand…

Laura Rosell

Love, sex, dreams, soul, adventure, healing, feeling. I kinda experience life as magical.

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